The Best Things About Fall 🍂

Fall has been a bit bipolar here. One day it feels like we are in the midst of summer and the next we are deep into fall.  (Update: Forecast says that rain will be coming this week!)

Although the fluctuation in temperature is making me very confused on how to dress, I am really looking forward to the following things that this season will (eventually) bring.

1. Colder Weather (Stating the Obvious)

Cooler weather is a godsend! Between hot or cold weather, I will forever and always choose cold.  Three words: Warm, Cozy, and Comfy.


2. Layers

Continuing on, fall calls for layers. At least in my part of the world, mornings tend to be pretty cold and by noon it warms up quite a bit.  Layers allow for experimentation and give so much MORE versatility and freedom to dress without the constant worry of getting too hot or cold.

3. Fall-ing Leaves

Is it just me does the sound of crunching leaves seem kind of euphoric.  As a kid, I would always deliberately step on a fallen leaf in anticipation of hearing that crunch. You too? Or just me?


4. Apple Galore

I have a secret…I do not care much for pumpkins, like the orange Jack-O-Lantern/Halloween kind. But then again, I am not much of a Halloween person either. (I know I am a bit of a party pooper.)

Anyhow, apples are where my jam is.  Having an apple tree in my backyard, it became a tradition to bake pies with the apples every year with my dad. We would decorate the top with leaves and the quintessential score marks in the middle. The sweetness of the brown sugar mixed with the tartness of the apples and tied together with the warm spices…it is delicious!

[side note: why does fruit taste more sour after they are cooked?]

5. Snuggling (v.) – to curl up comfortably or cozily

I am not talking about snuggling with your significant other here. This is about sitting on the couch and just being engulfed in a big ol’ pile of the fuzziest knitted throws. Switch on the TV and that my friend is pure bliss. Add a mug of hot coffee, cocoa, or tea and you are set for a marathon.


So those are my favorite things about fall. What are your favorite things this season? What are some things I am missing out on? Please do tell so that I can “fall” (pun intended) deeper in love with fall.


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